Hello world!

I have decided to start my own blog. About what it’s like to manage 5 acres and starting my edible garden out here in Belgium.

Since I can rememer I was interested in sustainable living. My parents were kind of hippies, my fathers hair was always longer then mine. And he had this catalog on tools for sustainable living. There were also articles in it about topics from how to slaughter a pig or to cut a tree as to how to deliver a human baby. I used to read it lying on my belly on the floor in front of the stove. Dreaming about the day I would have my own little farm. Since 3 years my partner and I do live on this little farm in Belgium. It is about  5 acres with fruit trees and grass. I want to change it into an edible garden.

Another topic I want to write about is natural horsemanship. Since two years we are the proud owners of two mares. Neither I or my partner know anything about horsemanship. But we are very happy with our two girls. I want to build a roundpen and start working with them in there.

It will also be a blog about beating my habits. I drink too much and I smoke. Both of wich I want to quit. It simply doen’t comply with my ideas about living in a simple, healthy and sustainable way.

You can follow my progress on all three topics here.

Why a blog? Do I think I am that interesting? No, not exactly. But I think that when I post my intends here, it will easier to accomplish then when I only promise to myself. So if you have any comment, please leave this here on my blog. I will be grateful.